With power grip and soles non slip, these little shoes are really hip...

At Tiptoe Tots we just love what we do, and we know how much that new bundle of joy means to everyone. That is why we hunt high and low to find the cutest little pre-walkers that we can find.


We enjoy helping you to find simply gorgeous shoes to sheath the most perfect little feet.


Tiptoe Tots is all about freedom of feet...speech comes later!


There are few things in this world as beautiful and pure as babies' feet. When babies are born their feet are soft and supple, and their bones continue to be formed into their teenage years. This is why it is important that anything you put on their feet is soft and allows for unrestricted movement.


Tiptoe Tots shoes are a generous fit and are made from the softest leather allowing for plenty of toe wriggling action.



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